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Girls Of Geek

Welcome to Girls of Geek, the home for all your geek needs! We are two Colorado girls who will be discussing all things geek; including movies, tv shows, new gadgets, books, comic books, conventions, and all things scifi! We will feature a Comic Wednesday and a Star Wars Friday ! Our blog will keep you up to date on new things science fiction/geeky as well as discuss iconic moments in scifi history!

You can find us on Twitter: GirlsofGeek12

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We’re Countin’ Down The Days Till StarFest 2012 Click The Link Below To See Our Count Down Clock!

StarFest 2012






Michelle: An avid fan of science fiction and all things geeky, I have attending multiple Harry Potter and scifi conventions. Some of my favorites include: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Big Bang Theory, and comic books. I am a fan of sciences, chemistry and physics being my favorite. I enjoy reading, movies, learning and going to conventions. I am recently getting back into comic books and I am proud to present our Comic Wednesday segment, where I will be discussing books from the previous week and listing some of the new books coming out that day. You can find me on Twitter at TinyDancer0113. “Keep calm, and don’t blink.”



Kristy: My first love is Star Wars, but I’m also a fan of Warehouse 13, Mythbusters, Eureka, Alice inWonderland, Comics, and Conventions. Anything geeky is what I enjoy and it is super fun to share my passion with others!  When not working I’m drinking coffee and cruising the internet for the latest in Geek information. Every Friday is Star Wars Friday and I will be giving you the latest information on my favorite subject. My other hobbies include Blogging, Reading, Travel, Photography, and playing video games.

You can find me on Twitter @ SuperGirlGeek I am also the author of SuperGirlGeek at and Indie Girl Blog at




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