Comic Wednesday 11/09/2011

       It’s comic Wednesday and I want to briefly touch on DC Comics “New 52” now that they are a couple months into their release dates. Has this risky move made by DC been a good endeavor? There was quite a bit of resistance when DC first announced that they were doing a “re-boot” of the DC Universe, many loyal followers were disenchanted with the idea of this re-boot and how it would affect the current timelines, stories, and characters. After 4 days worth of panneling at San Diego ComicCon it seemed that they had won over a majority of the people who originally voiced concerns. If they could change the minds of some convention goers it would only get better from there, right? ComiCon had 4 days worth of panels all revolving around the new DCU and what to expect with the upcoming re-boot. Now that we are a couple months in, has all their effort been worth it?
       Comic book sales have increased dramatically in the month of October, with a few of the New 52 titles selling over 100,000 copies. DC also topped the projected sales for the month of October, taking over 50% of all sales. So it seems that, as of right now, there is still enough hype around the New 52 that DC has succeeded. Nobody can be sure for how long this hype will continue and what DC’s plans are for the books that aren’t generating enough sales. I think that what they did, resetting the universe, making the classic heros look younger, weed out some of the dead end story lines/characters was a brilliant idea. It has given DC a hype around them.  The New 52 titles are some of the most anticipated books for the rest of the year. With this New 52 it is a perfect time for new readers to get into comic books, and for loyal readers of DC, you’re able to enjoy new storylines of some of your favorite superheros.
DC is determined to put 110% quality into all of their new titles, and keeping the essence of the characters alive, just within a new timeframe.Some major concerns about this new timeline and re-booting the Universe was the costuming. Iconic characters such as Superman, were given costume changes. To change what Superman wears is a drastic change for fans of the original more iconic look. And it wasn’t just Superman who underwent changes. DC has hired the best talent that they can get for each book, and they are treating each book as if it was the most important piece of work they’ve been a part of. The essence of the characters will not faulter as they discover the adventures in the new universe. 
     I personally believe that the idea of the New 52 is a brilliant one. Not only did it gain enough momentum that the first few months of sales are looking steady, but it is opening up comic books to new readers and tenured readers alike. There really is something for everyone in these new 52 reboots. Long time fans will get to follow along the newest adventures from their favorite superhero. While new to comic book readers can enjoy looking around until they find a character that really suits them. There is so much to play with in this new univerise, I can’t wait to dig into as much of it as I possibly can!
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