Comic Wednesday – ComicFest

It’s Comic Wednesday! Keeping along the same topic as last week, this week I will be discussing another convention that happens in the Denver area; ComicFest. Although Denver Comic Con is the first official “ComicCon” event, ComicFest has been around for the past 3 years and has been successful from the start.

Starfest is the largest and most successful science fiction convention within the Colorado area. It first started in 1977 and has only grown in popularity each year. Every year Starfest brings in popular names in the science fiction industry for Q&A sessions, autographs and professional pictures; and this is just one aspect of the convention. There are hundreds of different activities on the programming list each year.

Smaller sub-conventions have grown out of Starfest, and in 2009 ComicFest first appeared. This is another thing that makes Starfest unique, when you purchase a ticket for the convention you not only get access to Starfest programming, but ComicFest, HorrorFest, and RoboFest as well. In April of 2009, the weekend of Starfest, there was a freak blizzard and the turnout at ComicFest was still huge. It has been popular ever since, even having to move all of the ComicFest activities into a separate hotel across the street because there is just not enough room for all of the Starfest and ComicFest activities in one hotel.

ComicFest, just as Starfest, has been growing in popularity every year, and this next year has to expand into an even bigger space. Similar to what I’m expecting from Denver ComicCon, ComicFest offers its own programming track. Activities include workshops, Q&As, lectures, and roundtables. ComicFest likes to celebrate local and national artists, and offers an opportunity to meet face to face with dozens of artists every year.

For all of the information that you need on ComicFest or Starfest visit


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