Possible New “Doctor Who” News!

There have been some rumors abuzz on the internet and Twitter universe this week with the speculation of some possible new Doctor Who news!

Steven Moffat (@Steven_Moffat) the head writer and executive producer for the BBC Television series Doctor Who, tweeted something interesting  about following a specific Twitter user, Sophia Myles. Here are his two tweets:

1. “Right! EVERYBODY who follows me, go and follow @SophiaMyles -Spin that fireplace NOW! I’ll explain later, or not.”

2. Of course @SophiaMyles = Madame De Pompadour from Who, and IS Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds.”

So naturally I head on over to the Twitter page of Sophia Myles. Although I didn’t see this tweet myself, it is said that she had tweeted “Watch this (fire)place.” Which is of course a reference to the Who episode that she was on, just like Moffat tweeted. Since that original tweet she has said the following:

1. “I love the man sitting next to me.”

2. “They call him Mr. Boombastic…”

3. “The magic is lasting, Pinch me!”

Just in regards to the original tweet from Steven asking us to follow her, and her original tweet about watching the “(fire)place” we’ve already got two Who references, so it looks like regardless of what the news is, there will at some point be some Who news coming from Myles’s twitter account. Could this mean that she will be the new companion? The rumors are flying! Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!


Doctor Who Season 7 is set to premiere on BBC One and BBC America in the fall of 2012.


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