Star Wars Friday

Dear Star Wars Bashers:

I suppose that you are happy that George Lucas is retiring.  The thought that he will no longer be involved with Star Wars must fill you with glee.  It’s sad that you must bash the man that made the most innovative movies in history.  My question to you is why are you still stuck on the originals?

Let me make myself clear I LOVE the original Star Wars movies.  I remember being a six year old girl and seeing Jabba the Hutt for the very first time.  Princess Leia was (and still is) my favorite kick butt space princess, and I envied the cool friendship between Han and Luke Skywalker. I also have no problem if you prefer the originals to the prequels. But what I don’t understand is why would you bash the prequels so much or for that matter the changes George Lucas made to the originals?

Back in the 90s George Lucas re-released the original movies for a whole new generation of fans; I was one of them.  It was amazing to see them on the big screen and I had no problem with the slight changes that were made. In fact, that was how I became a huge Star Wars fan by the re-released versions. To me the changes only enhanced the experience and kept Star Wars fresh.

I also enjoyed the prequels because they were well made and they opened up the Star Wars universe allowing us to see what the back story was. Remember how exciting it was to find out who Boba Fett’s father was?  What Darth Vadar looked like as a child and how the Jedi Council looked before it was destroyed? Isn’t cool to understand how Luke Skywalker ended up on a dessert planet? George Lucas did that for us.  He allowed us to see into his story.

Let’s imagine if George Lucas only created the first three original movies.  He never re-released them, never created the prequels, or for that matter the animated series.  What would have happened to Star Wars? Here is what I think:

  1. The Star Wars fan base would not be nearly as big as it is today.
  2. The original movies would be decaying in a vault somewhere.
  3. We would not have any young Star Wars fans.
  4. We would not have a true understanding of Darth Vadar.
  5. The technology that created Star Wars has also helped to create a lot of technology that we have today.

Listen you don’t have to like the prequels or the changes, but stop bullying George Lucas. You cannot deny that it is his story, and that his story has changed movie making for the good.  I just want to say thank you George Lucas for Star Wars, and I hope you enjoy your retirement.

May The Force Be With You!

Forever A Fan of George Lucas,


By Joshua Micheal

Check out this amazing drawing by my Geeky friend Joshua Micheal. Thanks Josh!

Don’t forget:

New Star Wars Clone Wars episode tonight “Friends and Enemies”.



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  1. Hmm. Maybe there wouldn’t be as many fans had the prequels not come out–but I’m not sure. I was in first grade when Star Wars came out and it completely rocked my world. My friends and I eagerly discussed the rumors about the next two films and were the first in line when the debuted. We all felt it was our duty to see the prequels, but I’m not sure they could have ever lived up to what the originals were to us. (By the way, we always hated the Ewoks.) Now, my friends have kids–they own the movies and have shown them to their children like good Star Wars geeks. They are raising the next generation fans.

  2. Alright, I need D&D / related jokes that one doesn’t have to be an ultra-geek to enjoy. Go:

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